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It only takes a few minutes to create your listing on UK Map Guide online Business Directory for companies, businesses, non-profit organisations, charities and companies that service the UK

Gold Package Features

The Gold Package includes the following features in addition to the Free Package

  • A Free Domain Name
    A Domain Name for the Length of your Advertising Term that can Re-direct to your UK Map Guide Entry, your own website or we can offer several options for web design. The Domain Name will remain yours if you decide to stop advertising at the end of your term, hosting arrangements would be agreed.
  • Your own E-Commerce Shop
    Add unlimited Products and Services and Sell Online with your own Paypal Account (Paypal Account Required). We take no commission, the money goes straight to your PayPal account.
  • An Events Marketing Calendar
    Promote any type of Event to your New and Existing Clients. Allow people to book in advance free or charge through your PayPal account. We take no commission, the money goes straight to your PayPal account.
  • Create Money Off Vouchers
    Provide Discounts to your Customers, let them print the voucher to use for your products and services.
  • An 8+ Page Website
    Yes, A Minimum 8 pages (unlimited with the E-commerce Shop and Events Calendar) in our Business Directory
  • Business Description and Multiple URLs
    SEO Friendly Business Description and you can link to multiple web pages too
  • Social Media Links
    Help your Social Media Marketing Plan by adding your favourite links, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Gallery Slideshow
    Upload up to 50 Images that when Clicked will Enlarge and can be seen as if on a Lightbox and Cycle through as a Slideshow. Each Enlargement can have a Short Description
  • Business Video
    Add your Video to your YouTube Account and then Paste the Embed Code in the Relevant Box and your Business Video will Appear on your website in the Business Directory

Gold Package Signup

Free Package Features

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Telephone No
  • Business Email
  • Business Mobile No
  • Business Logo
  • Short Business Description
  • Business Directions
    The client enters just their own postcode and then the system gives directions to your exact location (using latitude and longitude not post code).
  • Recommendation Form
  • Secure Account Area
  • Unique Web URL
    A shortened version of the web address (URL) to your mini website which can be used in emails, on websites or print adverts
  • Search Engine Optimized URL
    Search Engines will be able to find your information and key words
  • Marker on the Map

Free Package Signup